Athletes can't just rely on the gym anymore. Visual Neurocognitive training is the way of the future.

Athletes of all ages & sports

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  • Identify Vision Deficienies
  • Understand Your Results
  • Target Personal Goals
  • Create Path to Succes
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We will test your essential Visual Neurocognitive skills that all Student-Athletes can enhance to overcome struggles and poor performance...Vision is much more than just seeing 20/20

"The initial test convinced me that this training program far exceeded the basic diagnostic tests performed by primary care physicians and optometrists. At the outset, I surmised that the training program could be helpful but only in "hindsight" can I now appreciate the "uniqueness" of the approach. My son loved the athletic environment and the variety of exercises" - Elizabeth Williams

Why you cannot miss this event...

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    Identify possible weaknesses or deficencies in your skills that may contribute to poor or inconsistent performance. Come away with valuable information about what you need to improve to reach your academic and athletic goals.

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    Many visual weaknesses are overlooked or mistaken for unrelated issues. Our unique Doctor designed testing will provide vital information that could change how you go about sports and school.

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    Visual & Neurocognitive skills we will asses: Depth Perception, Visual Clarity, Contrast Sensitivity, Near-Far Quickness, Central/Peripheral Awareness, Visual Memory, Multiple Object Tracking, Taget Capture.
    Physcial and motor skills; Eye-Hand Coordination, Reaction Time, Running Form, Body Control.

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    See where your skills match up against athletes in your sport and competition level so we can develop a plan of action to help you begin the road to succes!